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Screen Time! What's Good, Bad, or Too Much? Strategies for Plugging Into Healthy Technology (infant/toddler - preschool) ages birth-5

Very young children are spending more time in front of (((glowing))) screens. Teachers and parents are concerned how all this "screen time" will affect our children's developing brains. We will explore how to encourage children to practice self-control, self-regulation, develop a tech/life balance, and plug into healthy choices. CKC: Understanding & Guiding Behavior  1-3 Hours OCCD Approved Set 2! 

Please put down your cell phone!​ ​Strategies to reverse technology addiction in children (kindergarten - school-age) ages 5-14+

Our children are spending more time on smartphones, tablets, gaming,​ ​and computers. Teachers and parents are growing increasingly concerned about how all this "screen time" will affect our children's lives. We will explore how to encourage our children to practice self-control, and unplug from unhealthy distractions. CKC: Understanding & Guiding Behavior  1-3 Hours OCCD Approved Set 2!

Tempering Tantrums! Empowering Preschoolers to Manage Meltdowns (ages 3-5)

Explore strategies to help preschoolers in classroom settings mellow the meltdowns and proactive tips to prevent tantrums from happening at all. Basic skills/games to empower self-regulation, self-calming, cooperation, and mindfulness will be reviewed. We will mix group discussion with experiential activities (role-plays) to explore best practices. CKC: Understanding & Guiding Behavior  1-3 Hours OCCD Approved Set 2!

All Children Have Special Needs. Teaching to Promote Disability Awareness, Empathy, and Inclusivity (school-age) ages 5-12

How can we practice and apply a philosophy which emphasizes ALL children are special in their own way? We will explore teaching disability awareness, empathy, learning from individual differences, and building friendships. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) categories for Sped eligibility will be reviewed. CKC: Special Needs 1-3 Hours OCCD Approved Set 2!

Empowering Children to Successfully Manage Their Behavior (school-age) ages 5-12

Have you ever felt empowered? Remember the rush, heartbeat, confidence, and sense of self-esteem which came with it?  We will explore powerful methods to teach children basic skills to empower self-regulation. Participants will ​also practice instruction and guidance strategies to help children develop greater self-discipline. CKC: Understanding & Guiding Behavior 1-3 Hours OCCD Approved Set 2

Helping Children Build Positive Sibling Relationships and Friendships  (preschool ages 3-5)

Parents and Child Care Providers play a big role in teaching children how to make friends and get along with siblings. Friend-making begins with positive play. How can we promote

sharing, resolving conflict, turn-taking, and empathy? We will explore how helping preschoolers manage emotions and work out disagreements helps to reduce sibling rivalry at home and promote friendship.  CKC: Understanding & Guiding Behavior 1-3 Hours OCCD Approved Set 2

Supporting Children through Divorce and Separation (preschool + school age) ages 3-12+

While every family situation is different, for children experiencing the family changes that go with divorce or separation, there are supportive ways for Teachers and Child Care Providers to talk with students. We will explore tips and strategies which keeps reassurance, coping, love, and predictability, at the core of the conversation. CKC: Understanding & Guiding Behavior 1-3 Hours OCCD Approved Set 2

6 Week Positive Discipline Parenting Class (school-age) ages 5-12.  Please contact Richard for details.

Positive Discipline for parents of school age children is a six week (12 hour), interactive course that teaches parents and caregivers of young children tools for positive discipline that work! In this 15 hour course, you will learn how to re-frame challenges, address feelings compassionately, set limits, as well as how understand misbehavior in order to respond more effectively to the needs of your child. 

For continuing education credit, Richard is certified as an Oregon Registry Master Trainer and Washington STARS Trainer.  Oregon Teachers may be eligible for PDUs!  Please check with your Principal or Human Resources Dept.

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Presentation Fees: Workshops in Portland (within 10 miles) start at $250 (1.5 hours)  and $300 for (2 hours). Presentations include a dynamic and interactive PowerPoint, discussions, and PDFs of handouts. I  can provide all the AV equipment and customize trainings to audience and length. I do not charge mileage or travel time for Portland area organizations. Happy to travel to other locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Please contact me for pricing & nonprofit discounts. 

Class Cancellation + Refunds:

Coach4Parents reserves the right to cancel and reschedule any non-conference class that does not meet minimum enrollment requirements or during hazardous weather. Should this occur, a FULL refund will be issued and/or you may have an option to transfer sign-up to an upcoming class. 

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