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Hello Parents!

My experience includes over 25 years  working with parents (and children) on practical solutions in a variety of school, community, and court mandated settings.  I've also "been there" positively co-parenting  two (now grown) awesome kids as a divorced father.  

***This crazy time of SOCIAL DISTANCING is adding more stress for parents (and children). I offer a free 30 minute consultation to learn a little more about  your needs and if I can help. Please reach out HERE to schedule a call. 

My Masters is in Counseling from the University of Montana. The core of my studies was based on the person-centered approach of Carl Rogers.  At it's heart, is the belief that great work starts with the client + counselor relationship.  In other words, GOOD vibes! My method is rooted in simple and relevant behavioral approaches you can use immediately.  I integrate Positive Discipline and Mindfulness for what I call "Parenting Strategy Sessions". In particular, I'm interested in helping divorced, separated, or unmarried parents co-parent positively. Also welcome LGBTQ, stepparents, grandparents, foster parents, and married couples. Maintaining a "parenting team" and learning positive co-parenting skills is very doable!  My most popular workshop is around helping parents reduce their child's screen time dependence, so glad to share many tips on parenting in the digital age. 

I have an office in NE Portland at 2304 E Burnside and an office in SW Portland at 10211 SW Barbur Blvd. For now, ALL sessions are online. 

Scroll down for a 2 minute hello video and pricing.

Thank You.  Happy + Healthy Parenting!

Richard Halpern, M.A.

For questions about Parenting Strategy Sessions (other than scheduling), please use this form:

What Are My Rates?

***Please let me know if pricing is a barrier during this crazy pandemic.

Online sessions:

$75 hour  -  Individuals 

$100 hour - Couples

Sliding Scale Available

I accept Credit/Debit (through Square), PayPal, Google Pay, Stripe, Venmo, & Cash

Discounted rates for multiple sessions.  I do not take insurance, though can provide you receipts for "out of network". 

Just looking to schedule? Please click on my calendar HERE.  Talk soon! 

Happy + Healthy Parenting (-:

Richard Halpern, M.A.


2304 East Burnside Street, Portland, Oregon 97214, United States

(541) 490-1551

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