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Guiding Behavior and Problem Solving


 Understanding developmentally/culturally appropriate guidance. Enrich family relationships through constructive ways of relating and understanding. 

Communication & Resolving Conflict


Help teenagers build positive self worth and empowerment. Build real-life focus. Reduce addiction to cell phones/social media. Supporting youth with special needs. 

Empathy, Praise, and Positive Discipline


 Make a positive impact for more effective and easier parenting. Insight into how learning styles and social situations affect behavior. 

Parenting + Teen Class Information

The Nurturing Parenting Programs™ classes are evidenced-based and recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP), and the National Registry for Evidence Based Programs and Practices (NREPP).

Program Core Values are: Positive Self Worth, Empathy, Empowerment & Strong Will, Structure & Discipline, and Laughter/Humor/Play

Class topics covered include:•Parent and Teen Constructive Communication   •Negotiation, Compromise, Problem Solving, and Decision Making   •Recognizing and Understanding Feelings   •Personal Power and Power Struggles   •Discipline:  Family Morals, Values and Rules   •Love, Sex, STIs, Peer Pressure   •Empathy and the needs of Teens   •Understanding and Handling Anger   •Smoking, Alcohol, and Drug Prevention   •Self and Family Growth   •Assessing Parenting Strengths

Classes typically meet for 2 hours 1X a week for 12 weeks and are tailor-made for parents or teenagers (or attending together). Great for offering in schools, colleges, work/corporate settings, and community centers. Please contact Richard for pricing. 

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